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1. Instant CALM

1-second technique that banished anxiety and stress

2. How to Reduce Stress Naturally

3. Put an End to Your Stress and Reduce Anxiety

A moment of patience

Accept things are not perfect

Actions create results

Be gentle, you're doing the best you can


Be nice to yourself

Be your own sunshine

Breathe deeply 3 times

Celebrate Small Successes

Choose to be free

Conquering your Chaos by building your resilience

Dance like no one is watching

Detachment. Everything changes

Don’t miss the sun today worrying about the rain

Don't give your power away

Dwelling doesn't serve you

Embrace yourself, embrace chaos

Find a way to be in the present

Find your Calm. Conquer your Chaos.

Forgive yourself to free yourself

Frustrating? Find something to laugh about

Give your dream wings

Happiness is not a destination

How to build your resilience

How you feel matters, so stop and listen

I see no good reason to act my age

I think I can, I know I can

Just ONE step, then keep going

Life is too serious to take too seriously

Life is wonderful when you get in sync

Make decisions right for you

Make lemonade

Money is energy

MOVE and change your energy

New beginnings is just like a seed

No control, let it go

Set you intentions

Spontaneous and get back to nature

Start where you are

Stress, Anxiety and Chaos

The answers will flow when you stop worrying

The more you know, the less you need to say

When people irritate you

Wishing for tomorrow

You are complete

You can't think your way to happiness

You needed the lessons

Your calm cue is your inner guidance

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